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Personalised Learning

Soundvocab's core teaching is based around English conversation adaptation through critical thinking methods and imaginative creation techniques, that will transform your ability to process and use English.

Your teacher is a professional and experienced mentor, that has taught students from different age groups and backgrounds from around the world.

A Typical Week

You will be expected to:

  • Complete one module unit within a month.
  • Conclude each week with a reading assignment.
  • Attend three speaking sessions.

This course is a person- centered, focused style approach for your personal English learning.

The etiquette that you will become skilled to demonstrate, will enable you to attain and practice good time management, consistency and fluency in English.

As you learn to create your personal English characteristics of expressions,

and become bilingual.

The Scholars Library provides an outstanding diversity of a service to support the learning and teaching objectives for the scholars on Campus. Scholars will evolve and enjoy being included in The Scholars Book club. Which exclusively gives them access to the author's unique book collection.

English Language Requirements

From beginner to advance; the only requirement that you need is to LEARN.

As a scholar at Campus Sv you are making a commitment to grasp the English language in all aspects of:

  • Composition
  • Exam Preparation
  • Literature
  • General English
  • Intensive English
  • Social Education


Communication is important, and we will supportively encourage you throughout your studies.

We want to recognise your efforts with a smile, and proclaim your commitment and perseverance to learn.

Creative Content

Your learning content is clear and concise, and the process is unique.

As a scholar, you will be trained to demonstrate and use your words in order to structurally create the English usage that you require.

Which will base your understanding of the English language in order to cognizance, style and vocalise expressively, your thinking into speaking.