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At Soundvocab we believe that a world-class educational program, will expand students perspectives and choices to enrich their learning experiences.

This platform will allow you to fulfill your potential, and make the most of your opportunities to use the English language expressively.

Personalised Learning

Soundvocab's core teaching is based around English conversation adaptation, through critical thinking methods and imaginative creations through techniques, that will transform your ability to process and use English.

Your mentor is a professional experienced teacher, that has taught many students from around the world.

A Typical Week

You will be expected to:

  • Complete at least one section of your studies each week.
  • Conclude the week with reading assignments in our book club.

The person- centered, focused style approach within the course, will enable you to attain and practice, deeper understandings when embracing English in depth.

Whilst the understanding western mannerisms that will become evident, and reflective in your interactive observations, adaptations and transformation to becoming bilingual.

The Scholars Library

The library was created to provide advancement and development for students, in order to deliver and learn excellence of instruction and information regarding English learning.

As a enrolled student, your reading assignments will be based from this library.

English Language Requirements

From beginner to advance; the only language requirement that you need, is to be yourself.

Expressing yourself and expressing this in your work efforts, by taking the time throughout the course to be demonstrative and proactive about your approach to learning.

You are making a commitment to grasp English as an additional language and improve your social learning in all aspects of:

  • Composition
  • Exam Preparation
  • Literature
  • General English
  • Intensive English

Admissions of students have made progressive success in their occupations, and roles that they are currently in.


Student - Teacher messaging is very important in society today, as communication allows visual, psychological and quick-thinking practice for cognitive structural imprinting.

A supportive encouragement and recognition will be always be present in feedback and on social media.

As a certified enrolled student, your mentor, will communicate with you throughout the course. As a student you will be

  • Driven to ambition,
  • Supported by teacher-care and wellbeing mentorship

The aim is you smile, and receive support throughout the process and commitment to learn knowing that your tutor is there and wants to see in grow in academic success.

Creative Content

Your learning content is clear and concise, as the teaching material is authentic. As it combines a creative structure which demonstrates grammatical structure of English, into words, sentences, and other elements. Which will teach and lead you to understand the combination and interpretation of thinking in English to speaking in English.

The areas of study is detailed below.