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Colette Tomlinson

"What all good teachers have in common is, that they set high standards for their students and do not settle for anything less."

Marva Collins (1990). “Marva Collins' Way”, Tarcher

Hello & Welcome!

My name is Colette, and I am your native British learning support teacher with a specialism in mentoring and supporting special educational needs.

I established "SoundVocab" to teach English communication development as a whole.

At Soundvocab strategies are created to incorporate critical thinking for women, to be effective in the English language for educational & lifestyle purposes.

As an author, I want to inspire English learning confidence for students, teachers and mothers in a variety of ways to strengthen abilities for English learning.

This platform aims to improve learners processing mindset through words read, written, spoken and think in English.

That way discussions can be retained, and vocabulary is visualised based on perspective use and develops your diverse speaking practice.

Communication is vital for everyone, and it starts with knowledge.

After experiencing teaching, counselling and mentoring students, parents, teachers and children from all different places around the world.

Each culture taught me, how to make English more easier because I am understanding the difficulties, and creating the solutions.

My previous experience before qualifying as a teacher, was in Health & Social Care Management in supported living services

I successfully became a senior support worker as a positive behavioral mentor in South Hill

During this time, I completed my Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, and was promoted to a Deputy Care Manager position for Uxbridge Road.

I then extended my experience by gaining community care experiences in different parts of England.

Throughout my experiences, I always wanted to know:

"How do people end up in a care system?"

This is were my journey began, and I started in the education system as a teaching assistant in a special needs school.

My degree helped me to become a scholar of knowledge in supporting teaching and learning and then qualifying as a specialist teacher in Learning support.

"This is were the journey began!"

I completed 4 years work experiences in different educational institutes, whilst studying my degree.

During University, the environments that I have taught, counselled, assessed and interacted in have been Nurseries, Montessori, Preparatory, Junior, Primary and Secondary schools.

Which includes, Special needs schools and colleges, and secure units also known as a pupil referral unit.

This experience was vital and aligned with my degree.

I was able to use this knowledge in productive discussions, and research projects for comparisons and conclusions to what is effective teaching?

Which encouraged me to gain additional work experience in being a mentoring.

During my second year of university, I was hired as positive behavior manager at Eastwood Grange Private School. 

Eastwood Grange deepened understanding of childhood views about and how they wished to be listened to.

"Here I learnt about Psychology"

At Eastwood Grange, my mentor training began, and I learned deeply about complex needs.

I supported the students to understand the importance of education and mental health.

I re-engaged the students back into society, by helping them to understand school life or home life and the possibilities of their future life .

Supporting these students, made me more open-minded.

This gave me new perspectives about deep tensions, and struggles that happen in children's lives.

Mentoring became a skill that I advanced in and appreciated, because of all the reflective good it had done in the lives of the children.

"Here I learnt about Creativity"

I learnt to always understand everything first from my students' point of view.

Then develop the understanding.

I practiced this in both Educational and Health and Social Care sectors.

This gave me the opportunity to perfect my skills.

As students continued to flourish within my supportive counselling techniques.

My students appreciated my efforts to help them to understand their needs simply and in more depth.

Overtime, My techniques developed well, towards understanding, teaching and supporting and understanding:

Different points of views



From different cultures of children to the elderly.

"Here I learnt about Identity"

Discussions that merge into critical thinking, are positive behaviour activities. That stimulates thinking, and brought out confidence in speech.

Instead of storing up questions and thoughts inside oneself, and not knowing the answer to them.

I believe a person centered approach to learning, provides a pathway for exploration as an excellent approach to teaching, understanding and cognitive development.

"Here I learnt about Contentment"

From the perspectives and thoughts that I had discovered.

Planning content suitable for students, creates a plan of action to conquer their difficulties.

Good learning guidance is what is needed for supportive progression to be maintained.

Difficulties tend to stem from the psychological effects of changes that happen in life; and non-consistence routines. 

Many schools that I have worked in, had these problems. Which included emotional outbreaks of stress for students internally and externally. 

At this point, in my experience. I understood restraint and resilience.

I was advanced a qualified mentor in behaviour support training, in order to prevent escalations of anger from turning into violent altercations within both healthcare and educational environments. 

"Here I learnt about Nurture"

I was trained to prevent self-harm and provide safety, where authorised physical restraint techniques were used in educational environments.

The techniques were appropriate in safely responding to, and designed for supporting distressed behaviour, which focuses on maximum care and minimum force.

As I reflected on restraints in education.

I became more edified in early identifying psychological triggers and outbursts around feelings of vulnerability, upset and fear of failure in ones life.

"Here I learnt about Popularity"

In both the public, private and special needs sectors, I have worked with students who were diagnosed with: 

Social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH)Attachment DisordersTraumaAnxietyBi-polarAspergersSchizophreniaSuicidal BehaviorsHigh functioning Autistic Spectrum disorder (ASD)Pathological demand avoidance (PDA)Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and others alike.

I became more aware of early warning signs of Help!

This led me to understand the cause and affects of:

How people end up in care?

My question was being answered.

I understood the difficulties that my clients and students alike, had to face in supported living services and educational environments.

But I was glad to be a supportive help to recovery to remember that they can always continue to do their best and continue to strive.

"Here I learnt about Connecting"

In all cases, I learnt that helping is something that we should do to the best of our ability.

Attention to detail has helped me to effectively:

Intervene quicker


Skill-build positively

Help towards achievements, careers, lifestyles

Encourage expressions and thoughts for discussions

Thankfully my students reviews remind me of what I love to do, and how I do it best.

Is to love, care and encourage.

"Here I learnt about Empathy"

That is why I bult this platform.

I have witnessed many parents wanting to help their children learn English.

Teachers wanting to better their educational environments.

Student's trying to learn how to process and understand their career pathways.

Soundvocab helps women to re-evaluate their situation with English learning, and try new approaches when learning.

By removing the fear of speaking, by developing a questioning perspective that establishes thoughts which creates thinking, and conversational interests for life-long learning.

I chose to be:

A listening ear

A guide

A researcher

A learner

A teacher

"A good teacher learns, her students culture & life is a puzzle, so let's find your puzzle pieces"

Colette Tomlinson

As an educator I embrace, learn, help and support others to grow towards independence.

SoundVocab merges learning context understandings into ways of reflective thoughts.

This is to ensure that after the thought, the action in proceeding will be able to take place, because you now know what to do regarding incentives of learning English.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the learning journey.