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Transforming students

The mission

According to English Effect, the British Council reported that 1.75 billion people interact in English on a daily basis.

  • Colette's taskTraining you to be one of the (growing over) 1.75 billion users of English.

You are a determined English learner, and worldwide opportunities' are opened to you.

Therefore it is essential that you are included in the growing usage of English speaking across the globe.

As you are included in the population of learners, in regards to English as a second language (E.S.L).

  • Colette's taskTo prepare you in fluency and flow to be part of over a quarter of the population that communicates in English

The vision and mission is for you to understand and see your excellence as a results of your efforts.

  • Colette's taskProviding this platform for you to effectively learn and join others, that speak English worldwide.

About the Course

Course Overview

SV Code: C3:23-24

Admissions: Your unique self & being ready and proactive to your learn.

Course duration: An evident transitional learning experience from beginner to advance.

The Social Educational English course at Soundvocab is one of the broadest online, giving you the chance to study English from its social perspectives in your life into your continuous present.

The course has British narration, and will absorb a variety of modules in English from a written British understanding, with critical thinking philosophical development, that will allow you to think about the contextual insight, in English, to help your understanding of multilingual and global contexts.

Your development stems from your personal, interactive and responsive interaction with your English language studies.

Your Studies include:

  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension (Sentence Development)
  • Reading (Philosophy)
  • Listening (Social Studies)
  • Writing (Creative)
  • End of Module Assignment.

Studying English at Soundvocab involves your development into the maturity of reading, writing and listening skills.

As you gain these abilities, the contexts will enable a wider outlook and reason for regular discussion of confidence and utility in speaking with other English speakers.

The learning requires you to:

  • Consider the critical processes which you will evaluate and assess questions and deliver answers
  • Learn about context structure and technique in wording
  • Evaluate various different approaches to philosophical literary interpretation and ideology
  • Personalising English creatively for your thinking and speaking usage

The Soundvocab English Faculty is proud to be an online learning campus. Where students capabilities can flexibly learn as you become a pro-active scholar in the field of communicative English.

As an author, a library provision is provided for students reading development for the required assignment in the book club.

In your free trial, you will be introduced to the conceptual and technical theme that is used throughout the course, and you would start the curriculum with your second pre- reading book.

As your first book, is a gift of understanding (and your pre-reading) regarding your first steps, and new mindset adjustment for your study focuses and help to establish your wanted goals.

Each learning section (in your modules) are provided with academic feedback and progressive support.


This course is a notable diverse research created study by your professor, which was trialed and tested with over 120 fantastic students from all around the world.

That has now been a blessing to put together as a course on this campus platform.

It gives you the chance to study:


Vocabulary is one of the integral parts of learning any language, including English.

  • Teacher Colette's taskTeach you my vocabulary connection method, in order to build your variety of words for better use in context.


Your ability to understand English and become familiar with English habits.

  • Teacher Colette's taskObserve, test and challenge you in your studies and activities about your learnt understandings.


The reading experience is a multifaceted learning journey in the areas of word recognition and orthography.

  • Teacher Colette's task: Provide access to books that help English thinking, which incorporates the noticing of how some words have different spellings and meanings in content connection with the course.


Active listening; by attuning to perspectives in views and feelings from questions in your social studies, whilst demonstrating your opinion in your answer, with the option to discuss it with your teacher.

Teacher Colette's taskTrain proactiveness in the Question scene listening sections that provides critical thinking questions. As your response is assessed in the form of a social communication with your mentor.


Writing psychologically is the act of processing, production and recording of words in a form that can be read and understood.

This creates the structure in all aspects of sentence building, vocabulary remembrance, listening capture and speaking pronunciation.

The spelling practice will enable, the construction of what your brain consciously and pictorially needs in practice and comprehension. In order to remember words, and actively bring your words to mind when actively need to use them.

Ready to begin?

Ofcourse you are!

You have been learning English for so long, but it takes continuous interaction, motivation and encouragement to be flexible and active in your schedule.

So here is your oppurtunity!

Often a person can think about or remember when:

  • They traveled abroad and the experience made them realise that they needed to practice English more.
  • When understanding lectures taught in English and completing English assignments or trying to engage with peers.
  • A foreigner asked for your help, and the vocabulary did not come to mind, as quickly as you would like.
  • Trying to have small talk with teachers and parents about your child's education

New clients at work? It's time to be ready to engage and get that deal in the best interest of the company.

I understand, let me help you.

Thank you for your time!

Your not a quitter, so I know you want give up.

Take the flexible approach.

Get creative and expressive.

Your free trial is waiting.

PS: Don't Forget Your Gift!

Campus SV | English Course

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The Social Education Journey
Course Code: C3:23-24
Course fees covers:
  • English Course
  • Scholars Library (via the book club)
  • Academic Feedback & ongoing support
  • Teacher Interaction (via the course & social media)

  • The Social Educational English Course
  • Scholars Library Bookclub
  • Social Chat interactions with your teacher ( within the course)